The Bonteh Digital Media Awards 2020

The Bonteh Digital Media Awards, BDMA, is the largest and most prestigious digital media gathering in Cameroon. The BDMA honors and showcases stakeholders of the media, communications, and tech sectors.

The BDMA2019 – LR – Vicky Fokala, Prosper Menko, Shizzy, Batey William, MC Shortgun, Osvalin

At its 4th Edition, #Orange_Cameroon stands as the MAJOR SPONSOR of this prestigious come together. Every year, we put the spotlight on those individuals and institutions who’ve stood out, how creative and innovative they’ve been, their influence, and tremendous impact with the use of digital tools!

This year, the event is scheduled for December 17th 2020 at La Falaise Bonanjo, Douala. Red Carpet Starting at 6 pm Prompt.

You shouldn’t miss this for anything. It’s a great opportunity to Network with stakeholders not only in digital media and communications but in the corporate and entertainment worlds.