5 Reasons You Must attend The Bonteh Digital Media Awards, BDMA 2020

Yes, we know we all are often busy that we tend to ignore most events that pop up.

The Bonteh Digital Media Awards 2020 scheduled for Saturday, December 17 in Douala offers so many benefits – both tangible and intangible – that your Organization, Enterprise or even yourself really should be making time to attend.

Still in doubt about attending this prestigious gathering? Here are five (5) reasons why you should attend this year’s BDMA;

  1. The Red Carpet

You and I will agree that the Red Carpet is that part of an event we want to show up for. This year’s BDMA will be an exclusively formal occasion featuring numerous celebrities, famous heroes, fashion models, well known entrepreneurs, media personalities; not leaving out national and international influencers.

Get interviewed by NONIWHITE & CARISMA; our Red Carpet hosts at the Douala, December 17 event and show us your Sassy & Classy outfits.

  • Talk about your Company, Products, Service; most importantly Yourself

At this year’s BDMA, there is every opportunity to market what you’ve got. If registered, invited or win an award, your organization’s attendees stand the chance of being invited on stage to give a 30-60 seconds speech. Apart from this, you’ll have the right target audience from across the world to network with. Remember this; “Some guests are potential clients”’.

  • The Artists

All 3 previous editions of the Bonteh Digital Media Awards have had well-known artists on stage. Stanley Enow, Wax Dey, Montess, Salatiel, Ambe, and a host of others have performed at previous editions of this prestigious award.

You should not miss out on this “Special Edition” as Fhish, Sandrine Nnanga, Salatiel are the confirmed artists to perform at La Falaise Diamond, Bonanjo Douala on December 17. We’ve also got the finest DJ (DJ Moyo) to give you the hits you’ve not had for a long time.

  • Pile in the BBQ, Drink and Party

The 2020 BDMA night is all about celebrating success, great team work, exciting client partnerships and award wins. Notwithstanding, for the first time, we’ll have a BBQ, accompanied with drinks. With all ticket options, you are entitled to BBQ, Cocktail and an after party. Don’t miss out on this; get your tickets today.

  • The Venue

We’ve not changed venue. Just like 2nd and 3rd editions, the 4th edition of the Bonteh Digital Media Awards will take place at La Falaise Diamond Hotel, located at the heart of Cameroon’s cosmopolitan city of Douala. If you’ve attended the last 2 editions, worry not because the venue is unchanged. If it will be your 1st time, find La Falaise at the Bonanjo neighborhood of Douala.

By Marious Ajongakou